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Game, Set & Match

Andrew Wyke, a famous book writer, invites actor slash hairdresser Milo Tindle for a drink in his house. The reason, he says, is that he wants to talk. “So,” he begins, in the calmest of tones, “I understand you’re fucking my wife”. Wyke then proceeds to ask Tindle if they can make a deal to sort out the “situation”.

This is the starting point for the vertiginous play “Game, Set & Match”, on stage this Friday at Casa do Saber, in São Paulo. What follows is an unimaginable dialogue between the two men, featuring a generous serving of the best English sarcasm - taken to its last consequences.

"Game, Set & Match" was a huge sucess in its season at Cultura Inglesa Higienópolis, and it is now back for one last performance with actors José Luiz Jr. and Rodrigo Haddad. The adapted version of the play "Sleuth", by Anthony Shaffer, is staged in English: an excellent opportunity to brush up on your understanding of English humor.

To understand the play

The English are known for the importance they place on “saving face”: confrontation is hardly ever the way the English deal with their issues. This important cultural aspect is vital for “Game, Set & Match”, seeing that the play is all about setting the other one up – and never telling it to his face. As the plot unfolds, Wyke and Tindle struggle with all their might to defend their integrity. Nevertheless, this is all done through games, and not once do they admit that their manhood, their cleverness, and their respectability are at stake. To preserve them, the two characters must work their way around the concepts of social class, professional talent, intelligence, wit and even sexual performance. A certainly intriguing game and a delightful battle to watch. Don’t miss it!

I want to go!

Where: Casa do Saber - Rua Dr. Mário Ferraz, 414, Itaim

When: 8 pm on Friday, September 25th ONLY!!!

Price: Free admission

60 minutes

Rated PG-14

If you sit in the front row, don’t be surprised if director Guilherme Magalhães asks you to help choose which actor will play which character – both José Luiz and Haddad know the lines for both characters! And the audience also gets to choose the surprising end of the play – it’s all part of the game!



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